Cars in GTA 5 fastest cars

When we refer to an open world action adventure video game then it can be none other than, Grand Theft Auto V in short GTA5. Developed by Rockstar North, this popular Grand Theft Auto V is published by Rockstar Games. Got released as a series for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, this game is played from either as a first-person or third-person view with navigation by vehicle or on foot. Grand theft Auto 5 never missed the opportunities to get nominated for many accolades and grabbed several awards from gaming publications.

Cars in GTA 5 fastest cars

GTA 5 Cars:

Grand theft Auto 5, the name itself implies that the whole game is associated with autos. Each event, mission and objective revolves around vehicles. Mostly the vehicles in GTA5 are based off real life prototypes except few.  There are lots of vehicles available in GTA 5 like boats, planes, motorcycles, helicopters, cycles, trucks, vans, etc. But cars are what to look out for. If we consider GTA5 cars, you can see classic cars, sports car, Sedans, compact cars, coupe, station wagons, muscle cars, classic cars, SUV and off roads. Especially, all top speed cars are guaranteed to roar in this awesome Grand theft Auto 5 game.

Fastest Cars in GTA5:

Let us take a look at some of the fastest.

  • Annis RE-7B: A race car with excellent characteristics is the best description for Annis RE-7B. This two door racing car can roar on top most speed with impressive acceleration. Released during cunning stunts update, it has a best in-game turning speed. If we talk about its appearance, Annis RE-7B’s looks are definitely attractive. You can buy this macho for the price of $2,475,000.
  • Emperor ETR1: Cunning stunts update not only released Annis RE-7B but also released another macho Emperor ETR1. This car is far ahead in all the features when you compare it with other super cars in GTA5. Emperor ETR1 is a two door touring car with excellent stability. Cornering is all that easy with this car Emperor ETR1 as it maintains good speed because of the spoiler that gives down force under acceleration. This car comes with numerous sponsor logos when you purchase it in the game. Tap on the respective option to buy this Emperor ETR1 for $1,995,000.
  • Progen Tyrus: Progen Tyrus replaced the fastest X80 Proto. This super car has got fantastic characteristics and Powerful V8 engine is one among them. Excellent stability and c traction are two important properties of this Progen Tyrus. Many players have mentioned that ProgenTyrus is indeed one of the best super cars. Its typical appearance can steel everybody’s heart and comes with a high price tag of $2,550,000.

How to buy a car in GTA5?

One of the interesting features of GTA5 is the cars and you can easily have one of them in your garage (of course on screen) with the few simple steps detailed below.

  • In your mobile phone, click on explorer icon.
  • Punch in the webpage “” and enter your date of birth. This is the main in-game search engine for all your GTA purchases.
  • In the next page, there will be an option mentioned as travel and transport to tap on.
  • Different websites that sell vehicles will be displayed under this option.
  • Click on the webpage from which you want to buy.
  • You will be able to view wide variety of cars
  • Pick the car that you want to buy and pay for it to get the car in your garage.

In addition to cars, you can also buy other vehicles like bicycle, plane, bike etc following the same steps.

Best Selling cars:

Selling cars in Grand theft Auto 5 game is the easiest and quickest way to earn money in the game. The payment varies according to the model of car that you are selling. Some of the best selling cars are Peyote (Gang Version) for $12,940, Tornado (Gang Version) for $12, 575, Buccaneer (Gang Version) for $9,875, Felon GT for $9, 500, Sentinel for $9500, Baller for $9500, Felon for $9,000, etc.

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