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As an action packed adventure game, with an open world design, the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series is all about keeping you glued on to the edge of your seats as you play. The GTA 5 released in the year 2013 was a launch after nearly 5 years from its predecessor GTA 4.  San Andreas is the state you will be navigating in when you are playing this game. Like every GTA game, here also you will be playing a story about three criminals and their adventures in the fictional city Los Santos.

GTA 5 cheats

Why should you use GTA5 cheats online?

There are three things one need to be fully loaded on to play successfully in grand theft auto 5 – the gaming currency also referred as cash, the stamina and the RP (Reputation points). There are many new GTA 5 cheats available online that you can make use of. A GTA 5 cheat codes from a reliable online source can give you,

  • Unlimited stamina, cash and RP just at the click of a button. This can be used at any level of your game to improve your performance levels.
  • Simple to use and a friendly interface making it easy way to make cash.
  • No need to worry about bans or other virus threats as the GTA 5 online cheats is completely tested and is completely reliable.
  • It works for all the consoles where the game is accessed.

Now with unlimited resources, your gaming has just become easier and faster.


The game plot

You can play GTA 5 as a first person or a third person game and there is an option to either navigate the location on foot or by a vehicle. The control of the three criminals or the leads in the story is in your hands, and you can change to any one of them during or after the play. There are generally missions to be completed, heists to be accomplished which will have quite a few actions in terms driving, shooting, escaping the shootout, etc.  As you complete your tasks, you will continue to earn the gaming currency or the cash and the RP (Reputation Points). These will help you to level up and also to add on more skills to your bounty.

This version created quite a stir in the market for it sold for more than $800 million on the day of its launch. The game was applauded globally for its open world game play and it has won many awards like “Game of the year”. It is considered as one of the best games to have ever been made.

Supported consoles and platforms for cheat codes for gta 5 

You can play cheats for gta 5 in the following platforms or consoles:

  1. Playstations 3 and 4.
  2. Xbox 360
  3. Xbox one
  4. Windows (PC)

Unlike GTA III, the GTA 4 and GTA 5 games are not supported on Android or for that matter on iOS.  They are yet to be launched for the mobile platform and we certainly hope that they do get launched in future for handheld devices.

Making money in the game

The major source from which you can make cash in the game is through the various missions or heists that you accomplish. Of course, to make the best gain, you need to heir the right crew to help you on the heists. You may not want to spend money on the ones with high abilities but consider this point before making that decision. A crew with highest ability might take more from your heist but there are lesser chances of you getting caught. But an inexperienced crew will cost you far more in the longer term. Other ways to make money in the game include,

  1. There are the normal events through which you can make some cash like robbing an ATM, a shop, etc. Use your logic on the best time to rob and you will be surprised by the amount of cash you can make.
  2. You can play the stock markets in the game. There are two- one based on your performance as a single player and two based on all players in the game. Investing and selling off is one of the best ways to multiply your cash reserve. There are many tips and tricks you can find online to make the most out of the stock markets in GTA.
  3. There are random events that will give you a major boost in your cash storage, like bike theft, security van heist, shootout on drugs and much more. These appear generally as red blips on the map and taking part in them can certainly boost up your total cash.

Of course, the best way to make money without having to spend extra time or effort is to make use of the GTA 5 online cheats.

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