GTA 5 Cheats PS3

GTA 5 cheats PS3 money

The most popular in GTA 5 cheats is money cheats and many queries pour in for this topic. As indicated by the name, when you opt this cheat some in-game cash is available instantly for you spend. This cheat is included in previous Grand Theft Auto Games but unfortunately Grand Theft Auto 5 is not including this money cheat option.


Despite the money cheat being included in previous Auto games, Rockstar have come up with a new idea instead of including money cheat. Yes, they have an in-game stock market system which is much influential than the money cheat. In this case, your single player cheating will affect the other single and non cheating players too.

GTA 5 cheats PS3 money

Stock Market in GTA 5:

A hassle free way to earn money quickly in  GTA 5 is through Stock Market. It is no less than the real life trading because your might end up losing all the money. There are 80 companies are listed with their price being determined from their success, and this can be monitored too. Two Stock markets namely LCN exchange and BAWSAQ are listed here.

LCN exchange:

The shares available with LCN exchange are offline which is evaluated by noticing your actions in single player mode. To access this LCN exchange, follow these step by step procedure

  • Tap on the browser in your phone
  • Go to the option “Money and Services”
  • Opt for LCN exchange.



An internet connection is very much needed to trade in BAWSAQ. An important point to not about BAWSAQ shares are that they are influenced by the GTA online community.


How to buy and sell the Stocks in GTA 5?

Follow this step by step process to buy stocks in GTA 5

  • Open the browser in your phone.
  • Get to the Money section.
  • Select the stock market (LCN or BAWSAQ).
  • Find the company whose share you are going to buy and click on it.
  • Select “Buy and confirm” option after selecting the company.

Follow these step by step instructions to sell the stocks.

  • Tap on the phone browser.
  • Go to Money section.
  • Select the relevant stock market.
  • Tap the “My Portfolio” tab and sell the stocks then confirm the same.

GTA 5 cheats PS3:

The types of cheats available in PS3 are Player effects, Spawn Vehicles, World effects and Items.

  • The player effects cheat modes are Explosive Melee Attacks, Drunk Mode, Fast Run ,  Explosive Ammo Rounds, Skyfall , Lower Wanted Level , Fast Run, Super Jump, Max Health & Armor, Recharge Ability, Invincibility, Raise Wanted Level,  Slow Motion Aim and Fast Swim.
  • The cheats available in “Vehicle Cheats” are Spawn Caddy , Spawn Buzzard, Spawn PCJ-600, Spawn Duster, Spawn BMW, Spawn Comet, Spawn Limo , Spawn Stunt Plane, Spawn Sanchez, Spawn Trashmaster and Spawn Rapid GT.
  • The “world effects” cheat modes are listed as  Change Weather, Slippery Cars, Moon Gravity and Slow Motion.
  • The cheats available in “Items” are Weapons and Parachute.


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