GTA 5 cheats PS4

Cheats for gta V PS4

Being an action packed game for all the adventure lovers, GTA has been gaining popularity ever since its first edition. The latest to get added to the list of these adventure open world game is the GTA 5 which has events taking place in an imaginary city named Los Santos, designed similar to the Los Angeles. The game can be played in both single and multiple player versions. In the single player version, you have the control of all the three protagonists in the game while in multiplayer you will be competing with the other players in the GTA community. Either ways, it is a game that will keep you on the edge of your seats and will keep you glued to the screen. The GTA 5 works wonderfully on PS4, PS3,Xbox one, Xbox 360 and PCs.


GTA 5 cheats PS4

Why do you need cheats?

Cheats or rather a glitch is an integral part of every online game, the reason being that no one wants to wait longer to get their goals or wait for an insurmountable amount of time to complete their missions. So naturally there have been many cheats and hack tools introduced every time, there is a new game around the block. So what makes these cheats more desirable?

  • You get to have access to unlimited resources like stamina, Reputation points (RP) and of course the most important of all, cash, i.e. the gaming currency.
  • They are completely easy to use and are completely safe as well.
  • There is no need to wait for the cash to accumulate before you move ahead in your game, but rather you can move at an impossible speed and have a never ending stamina, thanks to the GTA 5 online cheats.

What can cheats help you with?

The GTA5 cheats for PS4 do come in different flavors. Some of the basic features that you can gain with these cheats are,

  1. An improvement in the ability of the personality you are portraying. It could be giving your character a temporary shield of invincibility or improving their stamina or super jumping powers.
  2. An improvement in the weaponry you are carrying along like never ending or improved ammunition.
  3. You can even lift yourself high into the air (of course, in the character) without the help of a parachute but with the help of a cheat.
  4. There are also cheats to help you alter the level of wantedness attached to your character or use the cheats to move the law enforcement out of your way when you want to.
  5. You can even change the weather in your play area or defy gravity as you drive and shoot around with the help of cheats.
  6. There is also the option to spawn through multiple vehicles or multiple weapons as you please when you are playing the game.

The cheat codes are similar to that of the PS3 console and offer you the same kind of immunity or help when you are fighting in the field. There are also some simple tricks that you can perform to improve your cash reserve like performing a flip or looting an armored vehicle. The cheats are designed to help you improve your chances of winning and to help increase your chances of playing continually.

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