GTA 5 map editor

Gta 5 custom maps

Have you been a fan of the GTA series? Then you would have heard of the MTA: SA, the mod which was released for the multi player mode of the third edition game in the series. It helps adding the multiplayer functionality online. The GTA series has been the dream for every person who loves some action and adventure in their gaming experience. The game which revolves around three criminals in a fictional state of San Andreas deals with guns, cars, heists and much more.GTA 5 map editor

What is the map editor?

Similar to the MTA: SA, the map editor lets you navigate the map of the entire game through a freecam and lets you to spawn the items in the map. Most importantly it gives you a preview of what will happen prior to allowing the change. So now you can move around the objects by using your system keys or through your mouse. Once you have edited the map, you can then save the same in different formats and load them up. There are different control keys to operate on the map editor for moving or turning an object. For instance, clicking on V or the Controller back button will let  you to open the spawning menu for the vehicle.

How to install map editor gta 5 ?Saving and loading the maps

Currently the map editor allows you to save the map in either the XML or the single trainer format. You can then select the option load map or save map from the main menu to save the changes. Do note that unless you specify the new map option it will get stacked onto the old maps in your game. This map will then be loaded into the screen the next time you start playing the game. So now you have a map that you have handcrafted to play your favorite game. Enjoy winning!

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